We have a very wide range of hands-on resource collections available to borrow which can bring topics and themes to life. These collections include a selection of everyday domestic objects, clothes, cultural objects, books, music, teaching packs. They are suitable for most key stages.

World Music collections include:



Early Years Music Box






West African





Good opportunity for children to explore new sounds 

Boscombe Children’s Centre borrowed Early Years Music Box


Our themed based collections include:


DEED Hinduism

Carnival – see our Carnival Display flyer for details


Fairtrade – see our flyer for details Fabulous Fairtrade Flyer


Food Around the World




I Love My Hair and Portraits


Islam – Particularly useful when addressing Multicultural Britain see our Multicultural Britain Flyer for details


Maths Around the World

DEED Maths Around The World


Puppets Around the World
Recycled Toys


Recycled Items


Reduce Reuse Recycle Display


Water Around the World


A selection of these collections are detailed on the Global Classroom flyer.



The displays have now become an integral part of our lunchtime events. Gives links for the students especially to Religion, Philosophy and History and general awareness of another culture/religion

Poole Grammar borrowed Islam Collection

Our country based collections include:

DEED’s new exciting new Brazil Collection ‘Not just carnival and football’ for schools to borrow.  A wide range of resources including: books, country facts, traditional tales, local recipes, cultures, indigenous people, CDs, typical foodstuffs, cooking utensils, examples of products and export items.














DEED CaribbeanAboriginal Australia


Brazil – see our Brazil Collection flyer for details




Chinese Home Corner






DEED India



Indian Home Corner










Native North America


DEED ThailandNepal




South Africa




West African Home Corner




Country based collections that are particularly relevant for Early Years and Foundation Stage are detailed on our Little Global Citizen flyer.


They loved it all particularly the clothes. A great range of objects helped give the pupils a memorable ‘hands-on’ experience

Ferndown Middle borrowed India Collection


Contact Abi Leigh-Watts at DEED on 01202 875411 or email to enquire and book any of the collections