Exhibitions & Displays

DEED has a variety of exhibitions and displays of differing sizes available for schools, community groups, libraries, museums to hire.

The exhibitions available are also summarized on the Exhibitions Flyer

Carnival Display

IMG_0090 croppedA magnificent display of Images, Costumes and Music.  This display includes 3 pop-up banners; a stunning collection of photos displayed on table top fold out boards; a selection of carnival costumes made by children and professional costumes for adults; 2 steel pans and a collection of music CDs and books to celebrate the festival of carnival and masquerade around the world.


Our authentic resources come from West Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil and the UK. The display features stores of local people’s experiences of carnival and masquerade from many different traditions and cultures within Britain. DEED is also delighted to offer a supporting whole staff Inset to help link the topic of carnival to all areas of the curriculum.


See our Carnival Display flyer for further details.

The World of East Dorset

Exhibition at Ferndown Middle School

Exhibition at Ferndown Middle School

The exhibition includes 6 stunning pop-up banners, lightweight and portable and original artwork from the children of Wimborne First exploring their own family trees.










  ‘St Michael’s Middle School has been delighted to be a part of this Heritage Project, exploring how pupils from East Dorset came to live in the area.  It has been wonderful to discover how many different parts of this world the pupils come from. We have thoroughly enjoyed it!’ 


Samantha Armstrong, a teacher at one of the schools involved


Where was I born?  Where does my family come from?  What do I wish for the future?


World of East Dorset Book Cover

These are just some of the questions nearly 100 children and young people from 11 schools in East Dorset were asked.  The children told us their stories and showed us their photos which DEED put together to produce an exhibition and publish a book called, The World of East Dorset: children’s stories of here and there. 


The A4, full colour 100 page book includes stories from 85 children and young people in the following 11 schools:  Beaucroft School, St Michael’s Middle School, Ferndown First School, Ferndown Middle School, Ferndown Upper School, Hampreston First School, Hayeswood First School, St James’ First School, Trinity First School, Verwood First School and Wimborne First School.






“The stories here provide a glimpse into the lives of people who are connected both to East Dorset and elsewhere in the world.  Through them we can learn a little about other cultures, and understand that as human beings we share the same loves, fears, hopes and dreams.” 


Louisa Adjoa Parker


Wimborne First pupil with Louisa cropped

Wimborne First School pupil collects her own copy of the book from Louisa Adjoa Parker

Recently children from some of the schools were presented with their own copy of the book, signed by Louisa Adjoa Parker and were absolutely thrilled.












The exhibition and book are currently available to hire from DEED and are ideal for schools, libraries and community centres and events in East Dorset.  They link to topics such as local history, cultural diversity and global awareness.


State of Play Arts also ran ‘Moving In, Moving On’ drama workshops in schools linked to themes of community, migration, identity and belonging.  Please see highlights of their work in Beaucroft School.  They also wrote an accompany teachers’ notes here and below are some useful websites and documents to support these themes across the curriculum.


British Red Cross’ online topical newsletter, Newsthink

The Global Dimension online resources, Refugees Welcome?

Oxfam Global Citizenship guides for English, Maths and Science

Migration and the West Country a south west TUC guide to population and migration


Many thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund who have funded the project.

We Were Here Exhibition: Stories about African American GIs posted to Dorset in 1944

We Were Here Exhibition
An exhibition of photos, film, art and music celebrating the lives and families of the estimated 8,000 African American GIs stationed in Dorset in 1944 before they left for the war in France. Featuring stories and interviews from local descendants of African American soldiers and sailors posted to Weymouth and other towns and villages across Dorset. There is an accompanying Exhibition Guide.


Ideal for Key Stage 2 and upwards and can be linked with work around Multicultural Britain and Black History.


View the Exhibitions Flyer for further details.


This exhibition is also linked to a Theatre in Education production‘GI Joe in Dorset’ performed by State of Play Arts.  The play is available to view on YouTube click on the link.  For more information about the performance contact State of Play Arts directly.

Fairtrade Display

Fairtrade Display CompressedThis Fairtrade Display is full of information with a range of products including a football, food, clothing and a large, fun inflatable banana and it can be hired at any time of the year.  Help raise the profile of Fairtrade in your community.


View the Exhibitions Flyer for further details.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Display

Reduce Reuse Recycle Display CompressedThis explores the environmental impact of two commonly used products – a tyre and a mobile phone, and follows their production journey. Also part of this table top display are a variety of items made from recycled materials such as shoes made from tyres and a fleece made from plastic bottles, as well as re-usable products such as eco-washing nuts. See Reduce Reuse Recycle flyer for further details.

Dorset’s Hidden Histories Exhibition

Dorset's Hidden Histories Exhibition CompressedThis freestanding exhibition explores 400 years of the presence of black people in Dorset including African American GIs on Poole Quay and a Freed enslaved American living in Bournemouth.  There is an accompanying book and hire of the exhibition can include an optional creative writing workshop with Louisa Adjoa Parker, a local poet, writer and black history researcher.





Ideal for Key Stages 3 & 4 and upwards and can be linked to work around Multicultural Britain and Black History.


“The display was fascinating and certainly did reveal a history of Dorset that remains largely hidden.  The accompanying workshop was thought provoking and informative.  I would definitely urge other groups to make use of it.” – Community Development Officer, West Dorset District Council


View the Exhibitions Flyer for further details.