DEED is a centre for global education and learning serving Dorset and Hampshire

We encourage and inspire teachers and pupils to develop their understanding of global issues and cultural diversity


In the past year (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015) DEED trained 306 Headteachers, Governors and Teachers and ran workshops with 580 pupils

It will help to develop the pupils’ speaking and listening skills, questioning skills and critical thinking 

Teacher from Merley First School attended Philosophy for Children Course April 2015






What’s new ….

Here is a flavour of some opportunities available for you and a printable summary of our training and resources:

The questioning skills and listening skills of the children will be improved.  My own teaching is hopefully going to be more ‘guide on the side’ and less ‘sage on the stage’ 

Teacher from Semley Primary School attended Philosophy for Children Course November 2015