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We encourage and inspire teachers and pupils to develop their understanding of global issues and cultural diversity.


In the past year (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016) DEED staff trained 777 teachers, worked in 226 schools and worked with 2,277 pupils across Dorset and Hampshire

Really good session, covered a lot in a short time.  Gave plenty to reflect on ethos/policy/display.  Thank you for a great session and the refreshments! 

Exploring British Values participant April 2016






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  • KS1 pupils at Highcliffe St Mark Primary School in Christchurch enjoyed exploring Fairtrade and what the logo means










  • Ideas2Action is a local charity that is all about taking action on those ideas for the benefit of the environment and local people in Dorset. Their Win-on-Waste project gives local people the opportunity to recycling some of their waste to other local groups who will benefit from it. Take a look
  • This is your last chance to register your school with the Global Learning Programme (GLP) and access £500 of CPD funding.














  • Surya Arts the educational Indian arts group are back in Dorset with two Programmes! Their highly successful long touring Surya’s Story (Primary &Secondary) and a new piece for Reception and Key Stage One Jazz and Jagdeep Like Dancing. Not only do Surya Arts raise awareness of the importance of The Rights of The Child and Fairtrade but they bring joy and positive energy into every setting they perform and work in.
  • Interesting TES article on P4C, how it works and how a teacher had an innovative approach to solving low levels of engagement in the classroom.
  • Report by Lord Jim Knight on how Creative teaching is beating the tyranny of marking at Southill Primary School in Weymouth with the help of DEED and the GLP.

knowledgeable, good sense of humour, able to galvanize after lunch! Fantastic facilitator, approachable and honest 

Teacher from St Luke’s Primary School, Bournemouth attended Philosophy for Children Course April 2016